Key Factors When Choosing Web Server Software

Web servers occupy a large place to keep our website online. So it will be a good thing to learn about them in order to pick up the right one. Key Factors When Choosing Web Server Software will help you to choose the right for your business.

Web hosting services provide effective hosting solutions for websites. In order for a site to be accessible via World Wide Web, a professional web hosting service must host it. Could that explain why all domain names begin with www?

There are more than enough web hosting services out there. While all these services serve the primary purpose to make websites accessible through the World Wide Web, not every company is reliable. Some companies are known for frequent downtimes, causing the websites that they are hosting to be frequently inaccessible.

If you want to have a reliable website, choosing the right web hosting company is essential. Knowing how to select the appropriate company is crucial in this case. Learn how to choose the correct web hosting service and the key factors when choosing webserver software below.

How to Choose a Web Hosting Service

  1. Decide which type of hosting you need. Web hosting providers offer mostly three types of hosting solutions for websites i.e.:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

Each hosting solution has its own advantages and disadvantages and the prices vary as well. Shared hosting suits small to medium websites. Since VPS hosting offers more flexibility for fast-growing websites, it can be a great choice if you are planning to scale up your site in the future. On the other hand, dedicated hosting offers maximum server resources and security. If you are looking for these benefits instead, then you can go with this choice.

  1. What Is the Type of Your Website?

If it is a blog, choose a WordPress hosting service. If it is an online store, select an e-commerce hosting service instead. Nevertheless, if it is a personal website or blog, choose a WordPress hosting service or an affordable, quality hosting service.

  1. What Technical Aspects Are You Big On?

Is it email functionality and storage or high bandwidth rates and security? Understand what technical aspects are a priority and choose a web hosting solution that offers just that. Note: These are also the key factors when choosing web server software.

Choosing Hardware for Website

When selecting your web hosting hardware, it is imperative that you pay attention to your operating system, your storage, and the speed as well as performance that you require for your site. Other factors to pay attention to are how easy you would like to be able to manage or scale up the site. These five factors will play a key role in your website hardware buying decision

Best Web Hosting Tips

There a few fundamental things that set the best web hosting companies apart. These are:

  1. Communication—these companies know how to communicate well with clients.
  2. Customer service—the best web hosting firms provide topnotch customer service so that customers are able to get assistance and professional advice if need be.
  3. Reliability—top rated web hosting providers have almost zero downtimes. Their platforms are up and running 99.9% of the time. That means their clients’ websites are accessible 99.9% of the time.

How to Choose a Website Domain

Select a domain name that is short and easy to type targeting your niche. Make sure the name is catchy, memorable and entails your keywords. Lastly, avoid numbers as well as hyphens.

What should be kept in Mind before Hosting a Website?

Here is what you must know before selecting a web hosting company:

  • Your website is not going to be accessible via the World Wide Web 100% of the time. Even the best hosting services experience slight downtimes once in a while.
  • Your host may be hosting blackholed websites such as porn and spam as well.
  • The size of a web hosting provider does not translate to stability or reliability.
  • You get what you pay for. The cheaper the service seems the more it is likely to be unreliable.

Factors in Choosing a Web Hosting

When choosing a web hosting service pay attention to your budget, what people are saying about that particular company and the type of customer service the company is offering. In addition, consider your needs whether it is email functionality, security, manageability, scalability, higher speeds or anything else.

Web Server Hosting Types

Web Server Hosting TypesThere are different types of hosting services that you simply will select from betting on what form of new development and the data processor that you simply wish to host.

Dial-Up Access Hosting – this can be the foremost basic access/hosting service and these suppliers additionally provide an online page for hosting your website.

Dial-up access hosting was the primary hosting obtainable and continues to be around. Most ISP’s focus on simple web access Associate in Nursing it’s rare that you simply can see an ISP do each. These corporations build their cash off of providing access to the web.

Development Hosting – data processor developers are shopping for their own servers and giving freelance hosting services for his or her shoppers.

This can be referred to as development hosting during which they supply net development services besides a bunch server settled at their place of business. the patron gets charged for the event and also the maintenance of the website.

Web-Hosting ISP’s.

These are corporations that focus on hosting business websites. there’s no dial-up access required and website house owners access their pages via File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

This can be what the bulk of little businesses use to place their website data on the web. alternative services also are enclosed within the net Hosting ISP package betting on their service plans.

These varieties of hosting plans are sometimes for firms that require heaps of information measure to run their network applications.

These corporations run T1 access lines for large packets of web information and have multiple connections to an online backbone. they need totally staffed processing facilities and also the costs are substantial for mistreatment of these varieties of services.

Corporate/Industrial Hosting

Corporations like Hewlett Packard, hollow or IBM, run the server infrastructure for many of those host corporations.

The SOHO business owner can sometimes like the Web-Hosting ISP services. it’s the center ground between the fundamental and advanced services.

Using MySQL in a Hosting Environment

MySQL may be an industrial info server. Used with numerous package languages, most notably PHP, and a part of the LAMP family (which is comprised of UNIX operating system, Apache, MySQL, and PHP),

Whether it is a client relationship management list or medical records, any information you’ve got that wants storing is held on a info. You may want a management system to feature, access, edit, and method information in your databases, and MySQL is one in every of the simplest and most comprehensive packages on the market.

MySQL may be used as an online database management system, which implies it will store information in numerous tables which will communicate with each other instead of dead one massive “storeroom” of knowledge.

You can run MySQL as a server in your native device or during a remote server. All you would like to access your MySQL databases and MySQL practicality is your server name (such because of the name server of your MySQL internet hosting provider) or the acceptable science address.

Importance of Using MySQL

You’ll be able to then input your numerous commands, presumably victimization PHP scripts, to act along with your numerous databases. These commands are written on programming scripts.

When selecting a MySQL internet hosting supplier, you will need to contemplate some extra factors on the far side the quality period, backup/redundancy systems, bandwidth, email, and information measure issues.

Databases: If you are seeking a MySQL internet hosting supplier, you are for sure designing on creating databases a major a part of your web presence.

You thus have to be compelled to notice a MySQL hosting supplier that gives you a minimum of as several information structures as you may want. a number that promotes itself as a MySQL hosting supplier should supply its purchasers with multiple websites a minimum of 5 databases.

Interface: you will be operating along with your databases intimately and often. you will need a MySQL hosting supplier that is designed its admin interface with the MySQL user in mind.

If you’ve got numerous staff-members concerned within the building and maintenance of your numerous tables and databases, you will need to be able to produce multiple user I.D.’s to permit variable degrees of secure access.

CPanel may be a smart body dashboard to possess for MySQL databases.

CRON support: A cron helps you to run specific scripts for normal, routine tasks to be run at periodic intervals. A MySQL hosting supplier ought to permit you to line up and manage crons from your admin control board. These scripts are smart for Preventive Maintenance routines.

PHP Info: the foremost common script for MySQL databases in PHP. A MySQL hosting supplier with PHP extensions enabled is probably going to be additional frustrating than helpful to you.

By checking into a prospective MySQL hosting provider’s PHP capabilities, you’ll be able to guarantee compatibility between your scripting language and your management, so saving yourself a lot of bother and various regrets shortly.

Remember, if you’re running MySQL databases; ensure that you just get a number that makes a specialty of MySQL hosting.

Using JSP as a Host Server

jsp hostJSP Hosting could be a Java hosting program that has several similarities to Microsoft ASP. JSP hosting refers to the power to run and manage Java Server Pages.

Despite the fact that Java Server Pages (JSP) is kind of the same as Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) JSP will have slight variations within the hosting surroundings.

Java Server Pages could be a server-side language that uses straightforward tag-based codes inserted into HTML and XML to supply dynamic and interactive web content that ar platform freelance. That means that by all rights they must seem precisely the same on each monitor, despite the platform. This is often the result once you publish your JSP-coded website on a JSP-supported Java hosting supplier.

Importance of Using JSP

JSP permits internet designers to mix dynamically generated HTML in with their commonplace, static HTML code. whereas most CGI programs need you to compose the complete website there is one program.

JSP permits you to compose the dynamic aspects and also the static aspects of your website on an individual basis.

Java Hosting which has JSP support would be the logical alternative of any internet designer wish to eliminate the irritating ought to repeat work they’ve already done. Java hosting and JSP hosting specifically would even be an associate degree economical alternative for those internet designers operating with a team.

One of the best aspects concerning JSP is that you just do not ought to learn Java to use it and it’s much engineered into programs like Macromedia Dreamweaver magnetic flux unit. JSP’s use a range of straightforward tags.

The subsequent are a number of the foremost basic and customary ones:

* Directives: Directions processed once the page is compiled.
* Hidden Comments: This is another one.

Using Managed Dedicated Web Hosting

managed hostManaged dedicated internet hosting is for a person or company that desires storage and information measure while not the restrictions that you simply get by selecting a free internet hosting service.

If you have got a website that you would like to possess additional bells and whistles programmed into it, then managed dedicated hosting is that the thanks to going.

Dedicated services provide you with additional email addresses, generally up to five hundred addresses. It conjointly has storage to support basic info applications on the server facet of the net host.

Alters this permits for the event of applications that enable you to store knowledge on the server facet conjointly and have queries and different styles of program and programming scripts embedded into your website.

But the key to those types of servers is the information measure that is obtainable to the user. Monthly information measure will vary from five hundred to 1000GB for the user.

Other Importance of using Managed Web Hosting

That’s smart for your basic SOHO business or central office as a result of if you are running a little audio or flash application or info on your website. This sort of hosting service ought to just do fine.

Also, you’ll be able to assign the opposite email accounts to co-workers, members of the family or whoever you would like to.

When you are running internet applications over one,000 GB, that is once you ought to take into account steeping up your internet hosting package.

There are varied styles of internet plans supported the categories of web applications that you simply area unit developing for your business. as an example.

If you’re developing online streaming video content for your website, then you may need to travel past the 1000GB limit on your account and acquire additional information measure.

As a SOHO or company grows, the necessity for additional information measure is dominant particularly if you have got AN computer network in your workplace otherwise you have individuals accessing the rear finish of your website to load knowledge from varied locations.

Dedicated internet hosting is what the bulk of people and tiny businesses use until they begin growing out of their information measure. They typically upgrade their internet hosting packages and get additional storage and information measure.

Using Unmanaged Host Services

unmanaged hostingIf you’re a client needs that wishes total management of your computer body functions then you may want to seem at unmanaged internet hosting services to offer you complete device administration over your server.

The technical aspect of the server will be controlled by a delegated administrator that you simply choose to handle your internet data.

You have to own a technical person to put in the server and manage the server if you do not have the experience as a result of you because the client is answerable for maintaining the server setting. That is why unmanaged servers are suggested for people and businesses with server administration resources.

As so much as developing applications and dominate the applications while not hunting technical support personnel on the managed server aspect.

These forms of servers are sometimes used once corporations are developing real-time response systems on the net, like geographical, science, engineering and multimedia/entertainment applications.

Unmanaged servers permit you to feature additional magnetic disc house to extend your house capability and plenty of pc corporations sell physical servers that are designed for unmanaged hosting applications.

Corporations like holler associated horsepower have code programs that not solely can run a workplace network however additionally handle internet server and development applications.

Small businesses that do not want a server on a website and cope with body internet packages ought to keep company with the managed host packages that give help and body support.

Managed applications can do exactly fine as a result of the prices that are incurred with maintaining an associate unmanaged server.

Unmanaged servers want constant upgrades of code and hardware perpetually that might price your little business an enormous chunk of modification.

Unmanaged servers are pricey to take care of and run unless you’re a little firm that develops in-house internet applications. The simplest recommendation is to own an advisor draw up associate IT attempt to see if you wish this kind of hosting service or not.

Using Free Hosting Services

free hostingFree net hosting is that the most elementary net hosting service that you simply will acquire and there are several free hosting corporations that are offered on the net.

Free hosting services are sometimes supported by advertisements on internet sites that are hosted.

Also, free net hosting services are extraordinarily restricted. If you get a free hosting service you may have ads on the highest and therefore the bottom of your website and reckoning on what your website is all regarding.

It’s going to not work in any respect except for individuals beginning out on the net it’s going to be the most effective choice if you do not have plenty of traffic or simply a little website.

The type of net domain that you simply receive after you get a free net hosting could be a subdomain with the name that you simply decide ( or a reputation in an exceeding directory (

As an example, if the name of your free host is, then your net domain would be

As declared before, if you’re a novice, this is often the sort of account that you simply would in all probability wish to induce however there are some shortcomings to free net hosting if you’re trying to find a lot of choices on the account.

First, several free hosting accounts don’t support direction or what you’d decision in easy terms, swing knowledge structures on the free net host facet of their server. Databases are sometimes used for online knowledge retrieval routines.

Several of those free net hosting sites don’t support a standard package known as MySQL that permits you to program queries into your internet sites.

They additionally do not support multiple e-mail accounts. Most free net hosting service solely offers you one email account and it has always web|an online} based mostly internet account.

The host doesn’t embody modules for Flash Programming, PHP, and Dynamic machine-readable text language (DHMTL).

Free net hosting is for novices who wish a simple hosting choice while not several bells and whistles.


We hope that this article helped you find a good web hosting service. If you have not begun shopping yet, there is no rush. Just pay attention to your needs, budget, the level of communication and customer service offered by each company on your list and you will get the best web hosting service.

There are different types of web servers, be sure to pick one that fits in your needs after reading this post.

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