Siteground Reviews (Does it Worth your Money)

Siteground Reviews (Features, Pros & Cons) When it comes to web hosting, siteground has set a whole new good standard. Siteground Reviews,

It is now attracting a large number of clients; clients from various places are now making their moves to this platform.

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It is an independent web hosting company which was discovered in 2004. Even though it is located in Bulgaria, they serve to host markets.

It positions itself as a company that offers high-quality web hosting services. Below is an intensive review of siteground hosting.

Its features

Free backup stores

It provides its customers with a daily backup, and among all its features, it is the most appreciated one.

Managing the site mishaps is also very easy, with only a click on the restore tool, it will be quickly resolved.

It provides free restore options for its customers to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Staging tool and on-demand backups

As a user, you can easily create a working space with just a click.

To stay away from unnecessary issues, all changes are normally tasted before they are uploaded. In addition, users are also able to create their backup copies.

However, if working in a staged environment is harder for you then you can create a backup copy to make it a less stressful Endeavour.

Advanced priority support

They have established a new strategy on how inquiries are made. The customer inquiries initiated by a chat or ticket are now assigned with the priority to their most experienced support team available. This helps in making sure that there are quality and speed of the technical support.

Pros and cons of siteground

There are several siteground reviews on the internet. However, when it comes to this, some people do not know what it is all about, and that is why this piece is written, to shed some light on those who are not aware of the pros and cons of siteground.

Pros of Siteground

Performance and speed: with siteground, you are sure that there is a website speed the entire site. If you are looking for speed, then this is the web hosting company you should go for.

The feature set and integration: If you are technically biased, then this is the web hosting site for you, it has a very strong feature set.

This site also has uncounted email accounts and database. If your backup fails, then you should not worry because they do daily backups.

Customer support: When it comes to customer support, you can say they are the best. It does well-using proxy to respond to customers. They are very responsive as well as transparent across all channels. They have also come up with a technology that helps in monitoring the comments of customers.

Transparency and community: This site is transparent and also supportive of the community. This is a company that everyone would want to work with because of its supportive and straightforward nature.

Global oriented: The last and the main advantage of siteground is the fact that they do global orientation.

Even though they are from Bulgaria, they have designed their website in a way that shows a global look.

Apart from that, they also accept various currencies, From EUR, USD, and AUD, to GBP.


Just like any other web hosting site, it cannot fail to have disadvantages.

The overall pricing point: Pricing varies a cross different hosting companies. And this is because of the additional services they offer.

Well, as for siteground, they offer three shared hosting plans at a startup cost of $11.95 per month.

They also offer intro prices, which are very competitive. Even though they are quite expensive, you will end up getting quality.

Plan limitations: siteground limits disk space across all the shared plans. And many are the times when shared hosting plans will find it hard to handle several visitors.

Developer and agency focus: Compared to other hosting companies, sitegrounds features are not that appealing for use by the general audience.

This site mainly targets the professional developer market. In addition to that, it does not also provide a variety of marketing bonuses.

Siteground woocommerce review

Pros of Siteground

Siteground woocommerce can help in making your store to be more powerful. It has advanced features which can be used for larger online stores.

It has a customer as well as customer administrator accounts.

You can design it according to your skills and the available themes.

Cons of Siteground

If you are inexperienced in using it, then its set up can be a problem.

Siteground WordPress

Siteground word press comes free of charge, and that is if you are using siteground hosting.

If you would want to it a try, then it will also be free but just for some seconds. In case you have never used this, then there is always a siteground tutorial on how to go about the word press installation.

Siteground website builder review

Siteground website is one of the easiest sites you can use to build your website. With this, you will be able to get your solutions without a lot of hassle.

It offers a cheap plan for customers, and it is also 99% website uptime.

Its disadvantages are that the cheapest plan has limited features, and the website transfer is not as good as you may want. It does not have a free trial as well.

Siteground reseller hosting review

Pros of Siteground

It is super fast and also comes with advanced security.

It provides reseller support to its customers on a 24-hour basis.

It is safe from hackers and also has an auto backup system.

Siteground is one of the fastest growing hosting companies that are independent. Being that they are located in Bulgaria, this has allowed them to be oriented more in the global market than the several US hosting complies.

Therefore, if you are thinking of working with a company that operates globally, the siteground is the company to go for.

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With its solid technical features, it is a path that every business person should follow if they want their websites to grow and bring more money for them.

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