How to Set up Web Hosting (Step by step)

How to set up web hosting Overview

The WordPress installation step-by-step tutorial is a good start if you decide to create your new WordPress site using a web hosting service.

We’ve written down here some steps that will show you how to set up web hosting properly.

Step 1: The “Forbidden” page is OK

You’ve rented a hosting and domain, it’s probably been a day and you still don’t see anything in your domain (your site address).

This is fine because it indicates that the folder where the site files are that work at that address is empty.

In this situation, there are no permissions to display anything at that address publicly, which is why Forbidden is reported.

Step 2: Download WordPress Installation Files

Go to and click Download WordPress.

This will trigger the download of WordPress installation files. Save the files to your computer for starters, and you will need to upload them very soon.

Step 3: Upload WordPress Files to Hosting

Login to cPanel. Look for an application called File Manager. From here, you can manage files, hosting, and do the upload, download, copy, move from one folder to another, but also delete files, so be careful.

If you do not see this application right away, type its name in the search box. Immediately after opening, the File manager opens by default the / home / username-location and this is not the location where you need to place WordPress files.

How to set up web hosting

If your hosting is new and you are building your first site, the location where you need to upload the files is the / public_html folder. This folder is empty, ie there is only a CGI-bin folder.

Click the Upload button. This will open a page that allows you to upload files to your hosting from your computer. Click on Select File.

Then a window will open that shows the folders and files that are on your computer.

Here, select a WordPress file that you saved to your computer a while ago, select it with a single click, and then click Open.

Step 4: Unpack WordPress Hosting Files

Right-click on the WordPress zip package and select the Extract option. Enter the WordPress folder now and select all the files.

You can select all the files at once by clicking the Select all button, and when all the files have been selected right-click on any selected file and select the Move option.

In the window that opens, cPanel will ask you where you want to move the selected files and the location is where you are now. Just delete the WordPress part and click on Move File (s).

How to set up web hosting (Step by step)

This will move the files to the / public_html folder, which will result in the site working directly on the domain.

Step 5: Install WordPress Theme

WordPress comes with a couple of themes by default and they are pretty minimal. If you want a different topic, you can click the Add New button.

How to Set up Web Hosting (Step by step)

This opens a WordPress theme repository where you can search and install new themes in one click.

When you find one you like, just click the Set button and the theme will be installed.

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