Making Your Own Web Hosting Server Linux

Making Your Own Web Hosting Server Linux is a possibility if you want to.

Never wonder if you have never known the procedure of making a private web hosting server Linux since, in this article, we have already got you covered.

1. how to create your server at home for web hosting

Making Your Own Web Hosting Server LinuxCreating the web server for web hosting at the comfort of your home is a simple process and only needs your network to help in developing the website.

If your server is visible from the outer side, then you must have a public IP address.

You will also need to have a port forwarded from the border router despite it not guaranteed 100% reliability.

The ISP is also for few friends; hence it won’t shut down on you.

You only need to avoid excess traffic depending on the main reason behind your web server.

2. how to host a website in apache server in Linux

If you need a website to be hosted in your apache server, you must install some three components that include;

Apache 2 – it is an HTTP open source server, and it is the most trending web server in the current world
Php SQLite and PHP component – it is the side scripting language of the server which will enable you to be at ease in interacting with the backend MySQL database when hosting the website.

It is also a solution for database whereby you will need to store all the data in your table.

Install Apache 2 – it is a software for the web server and an open source too which currently is powering more web. Apache is maintained with the HTTP-apache-project.

3. host website on ubuntu server

Hosting a website is by beginning with the installation of the database, web server, and PHP. PHP is the most known combination that is always known as LAMP stack which stands for; L for Linux, A for Apache, M for MySQL, and P for PHP.

After installing, import or create a database, after that upload files, then ensure DNS records are added.

After you finish, you will have even three websites hosted.

4. how to make my pc as a web hosting server

Here, if you want to set up faster your personal computer to be a server, you will need to have your website hosted from your computer where you will be required to have web pages made with buttons which will enable you to have everything controlled at the comfort of your home.

When doing all this, ensure you are using apache since it is an open server source software, famous, and free to use.

Despite it being very fast to convert your computer to a server, you also need to go through the server software documentation of Apache HTTP so that you may know the more secure ways of setting it up to avoid hackers getting easily to your computer.

However, when installing the server, it is good to; install in in the dormant old computer which you can preserve it only for the server, and have a different user account created in your windows that has limited system access then have the server installed in that particular account.

5. how to create a website in ubuntu

If you need to know steps for creating a website, first you need to begin by having a web server installed.

It is the Linode application which delivers your contents via the internet.

You will then be in a position to go on using an apache being the most known and famous web server.

If your Ubuntu is 18.04, you can install all the components all at once just by using Tasksel and get all the LAMP installed at once.

After completion of Tasksel installation, go on towards configuring steps one stack part at a time.

6. how to host a website in apache server in windows

Hosting website service always gives people and companies the pleasure of making their accessible websites through the www.

Every web host ensures that all services and infrastructures needed by their websites are provided for them to operate smoothly.

For having a p[ersonal website, you have to make your web hosting and domain name as well.

For the ones coming up with a brand new website, then they should consider having their websites hosted on local machines since that option works perfectly well for them.

Considering to have a private and personal web hosting is always the best thing you can ever want to.

Despite it being procedural, the web hosting for personal details is the best thing to have, and you should ensure at least you get access to at least one of your own.

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