How To Host Your Own Website And Domain

How To Host Your Own Website And Domain ? Hosting Your Own Website And Domain is fast and easy today.

How To Host Your Own Website And DomainNow it’s easier than ever to host your website.

Make sure you can transfer the work to another person, but doing it yourself makes it very cheap and puts the control in your hands.


The following is the information to get your website hosted in just a few minutes.

How to host a website on a localhost

1) Choose the right hosting company: hosting your website means that you should pay attention to all problems, so choosing a company where problems do not exist is a must.

Fortunately, some great companies have fantastic customer service 24 hours a day and weekdays and less than 1% of server downtime.

2) Choose the right hosting plan: knowing how to host your website means knowing the hosting plan you choose.

The shared hosting plan is to share the space with several users on the server. For a company or person with a primary website or websites, this plan is very appropriate.

If you have a more complex, larger or more secure website, your customized service plan may be right for you.

3) Make sure your hosting plan is highly compatible since some large hosting companies charge less than $ 10 per month.

Surprisingly, these companies will provide better support and tools to the customers of some companies that charge more than $ 100 per month!

Get a plan that includes step-by-step response video, step by step, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 7 days a week, and you will know how to host your website like a professional.

How to host a website on the Apache server in Windows

Hosting a website on the apache server is very simple.

Download wamp server which will enable you to install Apache, MySQL and PHP applications simultaneously.

Apache is used for hosting services while MySQL is used to store data in a database.

We need MySQL because dynamic webpages that you will create will require to store data which will be retrieved d time to time when needed.

PHP is a language that is used to create these dynamic pages for the website.

After installing the wamp server, you create a PHP page, configure the MySQL and set the site to be visible publicly.

Steps to host a website

How To Host Your Own Website And Domain1. Find a reputable hosting company and buy a basic plan to start.

2. Think of a good domain name: it is a good idea to put the words that people look for in the address of your website.

For example, if I have a website about Gray Goats, I would like to buy a domain called

This, of course, will make my website higher on the search engines.

3. Create a website or get files from the website of the person who has it. You can even create a basic blog with WordPress and make it look like a blog or a good website.

This will be included free of charge in a good hosting plan.

4. Create an FTP account and upload files. All this is free, and a good hosting company will provide you with instructional videos that explain how to do it.

5. Pay traffic to the site and see statistics. The statistical tools are free and come standard with the best hosting company.

How to make my computer as a web hosting server

Microsoft Windows Server is the most used server today.

To begin, you must install the operating system on your computer, which will play the role of a web hosting server.

After you install the software, you must configure your server with some basic network configurations.

You must change the IP address to use the IP you choose.

This can be easily done through the keyboard options by following some steps.

First, you must go to your computer’s Control Panel -> Network Settings -> Right click on Choose Network Connection and click Properties -> Double-click on the IP version you have chosen -> Go to the General tab -> Choose the option “Use the following IP address” -> Change the IP address.

In the next step, you must install the files from the IIS Web Server (Internet Information Server) on your computer.

There is a simple: go to the Start menu -> Server Manager -> Add roles -> Web server.

In the next step, you must finish configuring the web server you have chosen.

You may want to make sure that the server is configured with an appropriate IP address.

While this is not a problem for most web servers that have been granted an IP, they are a multiple concern.

Build your web server

If you have the confidence and enthusiasm to manage and maintain the administration department, many software options will help you build your host server.

To create your web hosting server, you can use any software such as Internet Information Server (the user for Microsoft Windows Basic), Google Web Server, Tux Web Server and Apache (works on Unix and Linux versions).

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