HostGator vs GoGaddy [What is the best one]

You can reduce a large part of your operating expenses by switching to HostGator and Godaddy.

The services offered by this accommodation to its free customers are all the services that companies need and usually end up paying a package.

But when you use HostGator and Godaddy to host your website, you can also get dozens of add-ons that add big savings to your company. The following is a review of two web hosting.

HostGator Review

hostgatorHere are some ways you can switch to HostGator today to cut your operating budget almost immediately:

  1. Save employees time with more structured email management: Instead of having employees lose hours every day sorting emails to see which ones are a high priority, let HostGator Web Hosting unlimited address their priorities. Setting up different email accounts to handle different tasks and then forwarding those messages to the employee you have to can save you a lot of money by allowing your employees to work more efficiently.
  2. Save money by marketing more effectively: Instead of spending money on advertising where you do not get results, use HostGator’s free statistics to find out where your advertising dollars are. Many companies do not have much publicity and publicity, and HostGator statistics can tell you where your customers know you, what search terms they are using and what their rankings are on search engines. This allows you to divide your advertising budget into ways to achieve results.
  1. hostgatorSave money by not paying for website updates: you can add new products, new copies, multimedia features, new shopping carts, and other items to your website quickly and easily using the integrated HostGator web hosting. You do not need to have a technical person on your team or hire a consultant to make sure your website works efficiently or add new things. You can also use one of the thousands of HostGator design templates to give the site a completely new look for free.
  2. Do not waste time managing your website: HostGator interfaces are intuitive and easy to use. Instead of wasting hours every day trying to figure out how to access your website or receive your email, you can do everything you need from an easy-to-use control panel. Whether you administer the site yourself or have an employee, you will save time using HostGator Web Hosting to manage your site.
  3. Save money at a low rate: Low monthly rates on HostGator include dozens of additional features and special features. Choosing a free hosting service or a discounted hosting service often costs a lot of money in the long run because companies that do not charge anything or charge very little usually charge extra fees or impose high prices on features that must be activated Your site is effective. With HostGator, you pay a low rate, and that’s it: no hidden fees, no charges for additional services, no charges for using more bandwidth or disk space. Pay a fee and forget it.

Features of Hostgator

hostgator guideWeb hosting plans: HostGator currently offers 3 different hosting groups to meet the needs of webmasters according to a budget that reaches webmasters who maintain a large network of websites. Plans called Hutching, Pepe, and Business ranged between $ 4.95 and $ 12.95 per month.

All plans have unlimited disk space and bandwidth but differ in how many domains can host or customize IP.

It depends on your needs, but regardless of your needs, there is a HostGator plan that works for you.

Reliability: HostGator has 99.9% uptime for its websites and videos with a guarantee.

Your site will have state-of-the-art technology that helps ensure servers are kept in a cool and safe place and have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Also, HostGator has system administrators in place in data centers 24/7/365 to monitor all servers and proactively address any issues before they become serious.

Customer service: HostGator is committed to providing the best customer service by any hosting company.

In doing so, they provide their customer base with a customer satisfaction survey to assess their current support to their clients and where there is room for improvement.

While HostGator works tirelessly to improve customer service, it is already considered one of the best support teams by any hosting company.

There are many options to call them, such as the toll-free number, the live chat system and the direct debit card from your control panel.

Green web hosting initiatives: HostGator currently offers its web hosting service for 130% of wind energy.

It is totally dedicated to ensuring that it works against the impact of its servers on the environment through the purchase of renewable energy credits in Texas.

When green web hosting becomes more important, you can bet that HostGator will be established as the leader of the green web hosting initiative.

Summary: HostGator is a smart choice since it is not only one of the best web hosting companies, it is also a “green” hosting company.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly web hosting provider that offers a variety of packages that compete with today’s hosting market, look for HostGator.

GoDaddy Review

 godaddy guideGoDaddy is one of the oldest web hosting companies that offer quality solutions at reasonable prices since 1997.

During a chat session with his friends, Bob Parsons had the idea of creating a company called GoDaddy.

It currently hosts more than 45 million domains and is a company accredited by ICANN.

With the A + rating at BBB, the company has been able to provide a high level of customer satisfaction. Read the full review here.

Accommodation plans and prices.

GoDaddy offers a host of features and hosting services. In this accommodation review site, I only searched packaged one year.

Your basic shared hosting plan for the economy comes with 100 GB of storage, one domain and 100 emails at a decent price of $ 3.99 per month.

This plan is perfect for those who do not need a lot of disk space. On the other hand, the Deluxe Plan provides unlimited disk space, unlimited domain and 500 email addresses with a few extra dollars each month.

A dedicated SSL certificate for online payments included in the GoDaddy Ultimate plan is included with unlimited disk space, unlimited domain, and unlimited email addresses for less than $ 8 per month.

This is best for those who have a large company and who have files from large and heavy sites.

The three plans I mentioned support unlimited bandwidth and a large number of FTP and MySQL databases.

Each hosting solution offers great value; intelligent resolution is the capture of any that suits the size and needs of your business or your position.

Build a website and manage features

Web templates and templates come free with paid hosting. With the improved site generator, GoDaddy introduces new, surprising new website design templates. Install scripts like WordPress,

Drupal, Joomla, and Zen Cart are designed so easily that you can customize your site as you wish.

It also works on custom WordPress servers to get the best user experience. Deluxe and Ultimate plans offer websites suitable for mobile devices, and that’s great, especially since people are now on the move and surf the Internet on their phones!

When reviewing this hosting, I believe that the database and its domain administrator are fine.

It can be a bit difficult to navigate through it includes instructions.

Some functions, including the configuration of a new database, can take up to 24 hours to complete and be ready to use.

Reliability: By hosting millions of domains, nothing is less than expected from a provider like GoDaddy.

They support internal monitoring of their communications network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that all customer locations are secure and networked.

The guarantee of time is maintained up to 99.9%, day and night, through very high-quality facilities.

It is very promising to hear it, but there may be some problems in configuring the email and GoDaddy databases.

Websites may take longer to load than normal due to the increase in shared hosting significantly; some Web Manager options do not work due to the control panel being too full.

Customer Support: GoDaddy makes it easy for customers to communicate with them at times when they need help.

Being a large company, it has introduced many places where customers can get timely assistance.

Customers can contact and send emails or create a problem card to request assistance.

There are also many resources available online, such as support articles, an FAQ section, and several online forums.

While all these resources are available to all, some situations and technical problems require particular attention.

According to my web hosting review, this seems to be where GoDaddy goes.

They are reasonably slow in responding to emails and troubleshooting, and some customers also have problems with refunds (unlike the money back guarantee).

Some technical problems may take several weeks before they are evaluated and others cannot be resolved even after two months.

Benefits of Godaddy Hosting


Often, the benefits of VDS are as follows:

  1. godaddyDo not worry about space and bandwidth, since your computer allows you to host as many sites as you want.
  2. You can install any number of applications.
  3. Greater protection against attacks from other sites.
  4. If you start with a simple blog, it is very likely that you will not see the importance of going to the GoDaddy custom virtual servers.

However, if you run a profitable website, and if you lose it you lose a             lot of money, you should pay more attention.

Godaddy web hosting features

When you sign up for this hosting plan with GoDaddy, expect the following benefits.

Unlimited space

Unlimited disk space is one of the exclusive benefits of the GoDaddy Unlimited Hosting Plan. Here, do not worry about the amount of space your data occupies of your limit.

This feature is usually very good for those who run very active websites that require a lot of content on a regular basis.

This is also the case if you want to get videos, music and even e-books.

This hosting plan is also good if you manage a website with a large amount of user-generated content and do not want to continue monitoring its appearance to see if it is over the limit.

Unlimited monthly transfer

This is also another feature of the unlimited GoDaddy hosting option. In general, it is very appropriate for those sites that contain too many visits.

Your only task is to make sure you get as much traffic as possible and do not worry if you exceed your monthly quota with too many visits.

1000 email address

The plan offers 100 emails and 500 emails and provides 1,000 emails.

If you are an organization that needs 1,000 emails, it is a great company and deserves all the unlimited functions.

With an unlimited hosting plan, you are allowed as many domains as possible, as long as it does not appear to be hosted on domains to take advantage of your unlimited “space.”

Web hosting plans by Godaddy

platform godaddyBut what are our hosting plans in the GoDaddy menu? There are six of them. These are:

  • Economy plan

The economy goes for $ 69.99 for the monthly plan. From this, you will have 240 GB of RAM and 2 GB of RAM. The maximum bandwidth is limited to 500 GB.

  • Transaction value

You must participate for $ 99.99 per month if you choose to use the monthly plan under this personalized GoDaddy server plan. You will get 2 GB of RAM, 600 GB of storage space and you will see a monthly bandwidth of 1000 GB.

  • Deluxe Plan

This plan works on the Intel Core 2 Dou processor, 2.66 GHz and 4 GB of RAM; the plan allows you to see a range of 1500 GB per month and 600 GB of hard drive space.

  • power player

This costs $ 199.99 under the monthly option and allows you 1500 GB of monthly bandwidth space. The storage disk has 600 GB of space on a 4 GB computer.

  • Storage of monsters

This plan is named correctly and has the largest storage space compared to all GoDaddy custom servers, except for Premium. It provides 2000 GB and 1500 GB of monthly bandwidth. The plan costs $ 199.99 per month for the monthly plan.

  • Premium

The premium plan allows you to have 3000 GB of monthly bandwidth and 2000 GB of storage space. To get this widget, you must be willing to give away $ 299.99 per month for your monthly hosting plan.


Choosing a web hosting company regarding reliability and level of service is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of your website or blog.

So I decided to write a review about Hostgator and GoDaddy to help people decide if GoDaddy is a web hosting company suitable or not for your business.