How to Change Web Hosting Keep Domain Name

Moving from a hosting provider to another mission may seem almost impossible. How to Change Web Hosting Keep Domain Name, you will learn it in this blog post.

How to Change Web Hosting Keep Domain NameFortunately, if you understand the basic steps required, regardless of the complexity of your websites and their construction, the whole process will be much easier.

Once someone understands the whole process, they can choose to hire a specialist to transport their host or continue doing it themselves.

No matter what you choose to do, never decide until you understand everything about the process.

How to move the domain from one host to another

One of the first things to keep in mind is that the transfer process may be slightly divergent from one domain name registrar host to another.

Although the ideas remain largely as they are with each registered domain name.

In principle, you must click on the part of the domain name control panel of the domain name registration network to start the transfer process and complete the information of the new recipient/owner in the form presented by your name of the registrar

Additional tips to make this step as smooth as possible.

If you do not know what to do, choosing a professional may be the right option.

Change Web Hosting Keep Domain NameOtherwise, you can lose hours (or days) without doing everything. Many hosting companies will suggest moving your website to you.

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Even nominally, it can be profitable to avoid possible headaches.

If you are moving your website to another domain, you need to create a permanent redirect (redirect 301).

It is essential to ensure that each redirect refers to the page corresponding to the new domain.

Everything must still require a password on your previous site as it is on your new site.

This will prevent you from editing your password files. However, if you need to change your passwords, do so as soon as the traffic is completed, and everything works correctly.

The same is true for usernames.

How to migrate a website from one server to another

For most domains, you will need to obtain nameservers for the new server (sometimes written “name servers”) from your new host.

Your host will know exactly what you are asking for. Once you have the names of the new name server and transfer your files to the new server, you must log in to your registered website and update the nameservers for your domain.

There may be up to eight, or at least two for your domain.

Change Web Hosting Keep Domain NameNote that you must move the files before changing the name servers so that people do not get a blank website or an error when typing your URL (domain name).

If you have your own “custom” name servers, you must update the IP addresses with IP addresses for the new server.

Your new host can tell you the new IP addresses.

Name servers usually take between 2 and 48 hours to publish (change) depending on several factors.

Within 48 hours of changing the name servers, your website will be fully activated on the new server, and you can cancel the hosting on your old server at that time.

Note: the email will usually be routed to the new server well before 48 hours.

How to move a website to a new owner

First, you must pay owners of the domain name to the buyer.

This is done by registering the client in the same registrar where the name is registered.

This is done by setting up a free account where you can pay this domain name to the new owner.

There is no charge for paying a domain name from one owner to another in the same registration service.

Each registrar may have different ways of doing this, so you should check your registered website to learn how to do it for your domain name registrar.

Once the domain name is transferred, the buyer must configure the name servers to point to the new web host that wants to use it.

If they continue to host with you, they will not need to change your nameservers, and you will have finished.

To move your site to a new owner, you may need to obtain a backup of your existing site and database.

Also, you may have to provide all provider license agreements. Once you have delivered the files from your website, you must move your domain from the domain management tool.

Domain transfer is time-consuming and may take up to two days to complete the transfer.

Place of transfer

Most servers can migrate your files from one server to another for you.

If you can do this work, this is the most reliable and fastest way to transfer your files.

Web Hosting Keep Domain NamepTo do this, you must know the server type and the operating system (OS) version.

You may need to consult your current web hosting provider about this information.

After all, however, unless you have access to the root login of your previous server, there is a strong possibility that the automatic migration will not work.

If the new server has the same operating system as the old one (for example, if both the old and the new server are “panel”), you can run a “full backup” on your previous server, then send the copy file security by FTP to the new location.

The new administrator of your server will be able to “restore” the data for you.

How to move the site from one domain to another

Easily transfer your website to another hosting

The most important thing when moving your site from an old website to a new website is that your visitors should not see anything unusual happen.

This means that zero downtime can be achieved.

The key to a nonstop stop on the Internet is that you can access the new server and the old server at the same time for a few days.

The first thing you should do is download and back up all your files from an old server and then upload them to a new server.

After that, you only need to configure your Hosts file in Windows and temporarily redirect your site’s domain to a new server instead of setting up the website there and update the DNS information when you’re finished.

After updating the DNS information for the domain name, do not delete the website from an old server immediately, wait a few days and then perform the final deletion.


Moving a website is not a complicated process, but it involves some technical skills in which a company or a professional person can be contracted for that purpose. Hopefully,  after reading how to Change Web Hosting Keep Domain Name, you now know the way. 

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