Bluehost vs Hostgator (What is the Best?)

Bluehost vs Hostgator: What is the Best? Do you want to know if Bluehost or Hostgator is worth your money or not?

There are some things you should check with any web hosting provider before making a purchase.

Bluehost vs Hostgator (What is the Best?)

Let’s help you verify these requirements, which include support, features, uptime, downtime, prices, etc.

Company Profile

First of all, it would be good if we obtained information about the service provider that we are about to host on our website.


Bluehost is a well-known web hosting company and one of the most famous, although it is one of the oldest web hosting companies.

Bluehost packages have gone through major changes recently, all for the sake of me and me: your customers!

The more space you can have to host your website, your bandwidth and the number of domain names you get per account.

These listed changes place Bluehost at the top of the market while keeping their prices low.

With Bluehost, you can get an unlimited number of domains! Also, it can also host several domain names.

You should also keep in mind that both Bluehost and Hostmonster share the same administration.

bluehost dashbord

Therefore, you will find that they have similar, if not typical, offers. So do not be surprised!

The last thing that is said here is that if you are looking for a shorter contract period, it would be better to go to Bluehost.

  1. Reliability
  2. Many trust the reliability of Bluehost … since its set of features includes the following:
  3. The backup is safe, accurate and reliable
  4. High-quality customer service
  5. Quality of equipment and servers.
  6. Guaranteed maximum guarantee period
  7. Several functional and effective management tools.

Operating system and features

However, Bluehost plans only include Linux; its feature set makes it an easy task for professional and regular users.

Let’s talk a little bit about the Bluehost packages in detail since they offer almost everything you need to work in a Linux web hosting environment.

Bluehost vs Hostgator

This includes cPanel, which is considered the best control panel in the field of web hosting, Fantastico; famous scripts installer and friendly use.

Fantastico helps you install the most common open source scripts and sites, such as Joomla and WordPress, with just a few clicks.

Bluehost packages also come with an advanced level of customization for PHP, which includes: .htaccess, custom PHP.INI files, etc.

If you are an expert, you should know that with Bluehost you can access the Shell (SSH) function that facilitates the configuration of your website.

Also, Bluehost provides a large number of subdomains. Also, you can host an unlimited number of domains in your account!

From the hardware, Bluehost has DDOS protection and power backup services to ensure that you secure your data and maintain its execution time as long as possible.


Bluehost’s performance is very different from most of its competitors.

The comments and opinions of the customers are of great importance for the level of service of Bluehost, and they are good enough.

When testing a large number of hosting providers, it was found that the Bluehost service provides an average operating time of 99.3% of the execution time.

Therefore, if you want to run a serious web project, you can trust that Bluehost is your web server.

The Bluehost support team is very good and useful. However, they recently put some restrictions on contacting customer assistance agents, where you have to book tickets before you get the assistance you need.

But do not let this point worry you very much, because the Bluehost service will not cause you a headache that requires assistance, but it will be as stable as you want.

Only, in this case, it should be borne in mind that Bluehost provides a knowledge base to educate you more about how to deal with any technical problems you may suffer.

Pricing plans

Bluehost offers a price plan! You can indicate how reliable your product is.

You can sign up with them for $ 6.95 to get a two-year contract or $ 7.95 per month for an annual contract. Considering the full range of features they offer, Bluehost will be a very good offer for you.

Price Bluehost Plan:

  • Platform: Linux
  • Price: $ 6.95 / month
  • Space: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

BlueHost Reputation

Since its inception in 1996, BlueHost has established a reputation for being reliable regarding technical support and services.

Includes backup of the site. The BlueHost network has a backup to guarantee your Internet connection at all times.

The hosting package offers a 100% money back guarantee at any time. Bluehost hosting sites are free for search engines.

These are some of the tools. Bluehost provides to customers that are useful:


The use of surveys and interactive web tools is an excellent way to make people who return to your website want more.

Surveys are also useful for obtaining information on a particular topic.

Consumer data is important these days, and this is a way to capture them. Reviews and reviews of the product can be viewed in this way without being too intrusive.

Bluehost allows customers to explore users and you can easily add this feature to a website with a few scripts that are easy to do.

Photo galleries:

Saving your photos in photo galleries hosted in the account setup with Bluehost is a viable option.

This focuses on all the images on your website with many possibilities for integration.

The use of techniques such as JQuery has been solid through the use of photo galleries.

Reliable customer service:

It is important to provide customer service these days, especially for a web hosting provider where technical measures can be taken.

Bluehost has a reliable support system that is reliable as well as chat and email so you can always communicate with the Bluehost support team if necessary. Of course, you can always call 24/7.


Do you want to use Shockwave, Flash, Real Audio or Midi on your website?

Bluehost processes these multimedia applications well.

Also, Bluehost is one of the few inexpensive web hosts that can support advanced multimedia.

Bluehost also updates an accommodation of $ 3.95 per month, which is affordable for everyone.

ZDatabases: Bluehost is compatible with MySql databases along with PHP and has a lot of tutorials on how to configure these problems of advice, performance, and maintenance.

Bluehost is a powerful performance when running databases with your website.

Customer Support

BlueHost has gained a great reputation in customer service. Prioritize the request for support to your customers.

Bluehost vs Hostgator

Your clients do not need technical skills or experience to obtain the maximum services since BlueHost adapts to all types of clients.

There is nothing to fear, even when your website has thousands of visitors. The process remains smooth and stable.

Keep Reading Bluehost vs Hostgator to learn more.

Hostgator web hosting


HostGator is one of the best among many web servers and is well known for its trusted servers and especially for the exceptional customer service.

It depends on customer satisfaction and then offers excellent prices, as well as high-quality service and, above all, the reliability that customers expect on the web hosting site.

Here, let’s analyze the criteria necessary to be a good hosting company and also what should not be considered a low quality hosting company.

This can only be discussed by offering a good review of HostGator.

The key aspects that must be taken into account when registering with a web hosting company include the reliability of the company, the software it uses, the technical support provided by the company, the packages and the prices it quotes.

Technical support:

HostGator has great technical support that works 24/7 and is certainly easy to use.

You also have the privilege to change the configuration in the hosting configuration with HostGator.

Price: the first aspect that attracts customers is the price, which is taken care of by the hosting company where diversity is the key. You have many packages and prices to choose from.


The software used by HostGator is to allow contemporary users to enjoy a perfect browsing experience.


This is the most requested attribute with any hosting company.

Since HostGator hosts Windows and Linux domains, it is very flexible so that all types of webmasters can feel free with this hosting service.

CPanel control panel:

Although the HostGator control panel is standard, it offers many other unique features.

It allows users to host WordPress for free. Users can also use the installation process with a single click to easily link all their blogs to the HostGator hosting service.

dashbord Hostgator

HostGator provides a good amount of flexible windows and Linux domains that allow users to use HostGator services from different aspects of life easily. Also, users can also experience satisfaction 24/7 as well.

HostGator Healthy Review:


The children’s plan provides unlimited domains at no additional cost, allowing you to create more and more sites without paying additional costs for the expansion, apart from other hosting services that require you to pay additional fees each time you wish to expand.

With at least $ 5 to $ 6 per month, you can host unlimited domains and enjoy an unlimited transfer of data and space, unlike other companies that charge a fee for each installation they provide their customers.

Customer service:

HostGator offers excellent customer service, such as live chat, phone calls, email, etc.

Hostgator provides services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a few minutes of your request for assistance.

CMS installations are provided with a single click, and when you log into cPanel, you can also click on the WordPress icon to perform the automatic installation.

This feature is generally not available with other hosting services.

Backup files:

Everyone knows the difficulty when they pirate or damage the files.

However, if you register with HostGator web hosting, you will not find any hassle, since it will restore your files immediately because it allows you to make automatic backup copies of the files, to restore the lost files.

You can also enjoy unlimited emails for all domains that are most useful.

Hostgator Web Hosting

HostGator contains many price plans. They are the following (from the date of publication of this article):

  • Hatching plan: as low as $ 4.95 per month with a commitment of 3 years. In this plan, you can host a website.
  • Baby plan: as low as $ 7.95 per month with a commitment of 3 years. In this plan, you can host an unlimited number of websites.
  • Work plan: as low as $ 12.95 per month with a commitment of 3 years.

Hostgator features

Bluehost currently offers only one hosting plan. However, this plan is a very rich feature for everyone, from novices hosting a small personal site to large jobs with multiple sites.

This is a Linux plan, so if you are looking for Windows hosting, you will have to look elsewhere.

For a complete list of features, you should visit the Bluehost website here.

Here is a summary of the characteristics that we consider most important:

  • Bandwidth: 3000 GB / month: it is a large amount of bandwidth, and 99.9% of people will not get anywhere near using everything, even if they have several websites. This means that you will not worry about additional fees that exceed your quota, even if your traffic is growing rapidly.
  • Disk space: 300 GB: once again, much more than you need and excellent if you have a large site that requires a lot of storage space for video files, photos, and music. To put it in context, 200 GB provide enough space for a website with 57,142 mp3 songs (3.5 MB per file). Therefore, it is unlikely that there are additional charges that exceed this limit.
Hostgator metrics

Unlimited domains: this is a great feature; Allows you to host unlimited additional websites for free.

All of your websites share the bandwidth and disk space of a single hosting plan.

This allows you to make the most of your bandwidth and generous disk capacity.

Until recently, you will have to buy another hosting account for each site (domain) and with some companies that are still doing it.

This multi-domain hosting is much cheaper and easier to set up and manage than having a separate host package for each site.

Customer Services Review

Because BlueHost has been in the field of web hosting for many years, they are very knowledgeable about the processing of their clients.

The company offers its customers a wide range of support services.

These services include the 24-hour, 7-day customer hotline, which will be handled by the real person who is fully trained by to process inquiries and an e-mail address which customers can send their queries, and the option to chat live when they need it.

Bluehost vs Hostgator (What is the Best?)

Their help center is also a treasure trove of easy-to-use tutorial videos, they have many articles that claim to be useful, and they also have client forums where clients can communicate and share experiences.


In conclusion, this healthy, real and mistreated review of BLUEHOST is worth noting that subscribing to a web hosting site with this web server has made many companies very profitable.

The companies have obtained innumerable benefits and endless traffic to their business sites, and they certainly agree that Bluehost and HostGator are a very reliable hosting company.

Without a doubt, it has brought many smiles all over the world to everyone and to the company that registered and registered domain names with HostGator or Bluehost.

Hopefully, after reading Bluehost vs Hostgator you now know what is best for your business.

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